The Blech language - user manual

User manual for the Blech language.

This user manual is work in progress.

User Reference Manual

This is the user reference manual. It explains in detail the various elements of the Blech language and what they mean. This text may be regarded as the specification of how the language looks syntactically and how the programs written in it shall behave.

The Blech language is still evolving and its compiler to C is being implemented. Thus this manual reflects the subset of the language that is implemented in the master branch of the Blech compiler repository . A mismatch between this documentation and the implementation is possible and indicates that either this text needs to be updated or that there is a bug in the implementation.

The manual assumes that the reader is basically familiar with the language. Even though we try to make the chapters as independent as possible it is unavoidable that earlier chapters refer to notions which are explained in detail only in subsequent chapters.

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